• 20' x 40' synthetic ice surface

  • Rapid Shot

  • Shooting Cage

  • Slide Boards

  • Circuits and Skills Stations

  • PowerPlayer profiles and testing

The Evolve Spartan Program has been designed to develop the complete hockey player.  Each day of Ice will be dedicated to a specific area of need for every hockey player.  The program will run for 3 weeks at a time focusing on Shooting, Stick Skills, Hockey IQ and High Tempo Training.  The 3 week program is designed to touch on every aspect of hockey with a natural progression of drills. 

Sniper Mondays
Sniper Mondays will be an on ice skills session dedicated to shooting the puck with efficiency.  We will focus on technique, power and accuracy.  Each player will be shown different types of shots as well as be presented with different shooting situations that they will see in a game.  The goal of the program is simple; we want to give our players the tools to score more goals.

Dangle Wednesdays

Dangle Wednesdays will be an on ice skills session to develop better control with the puck.  We will work on puck protection as well as building a level of comfort for the player when they handle the puck.  Players will be shown new moves that they can put in their bag of tricks to create a much wider range of options with the puck. 

 Hockey IQ Fridays

Hockey IQ Fridays will be a series of drills to help players begin to start thinking the game.  Each drill will be designed after a game like situation.  Players will learn what areas on the ice they need to go to to become effective.  We will teach what to do and what not to do from goal line to goal line.  The biggest problem younger players face is that they dedicate all their time to develop their skills but under-perform in games because they lack hockey IQ.

High Tempo Tuesdays and Thursdays

High tempo days will be skills sessions that will force the player to play at maximum speed at all times.  Players will learn how to play the game using top speed at all times.  This will be very important when players get to the next level.  The idea is to make sure you are always moving your feet and the high tempo drills will force player to never stop moving.​


$25 per class 

3:50-4:30pm Ages 2001-2004  

4:40-5:20pm  Ages 2005-2008

$35 per class

4:20-5:20pm Ages 2001-2004

Village Sports

Ice Rink

Stride Mechanics - Crossovers

Power & Explosion - Over-Speed

Performance Edge Work - Balance

Forward & Backward Skating - Agility

Home of Evolve Hockey

Speed school

Evolve Hockey Power Skating

Clinics Sunday Evenings 

$35 per class

4:20-5:20pm Ages 2005-2008

Evolve Hockey Programs

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  • Strength training to increase relative body power in lateral, horizontal and vertical direction

  • Speed training using new techniques to enhance efficiency of movements

  • plyometric and explosive drills to increase agility and center of gravity management

Evolve Spartan Program

Coach Ben McManama

Contact us  (585) 281-6464


$50 per session

Goalies will attend their respective age group on Tuesday or Thursday

with full training with a Goalie Coach

Goalies may also choose to attend as many skater classes as they wish over the three weeks of classes.

Happening Now!

  • Professional Coaches

  • Full Size Ice Sheet

  • Open Lobby with Lodge Fireplace  

  • Bar/Restaurant

  • Blade Master Skate Sharpening

Led by Evolve Coach Vince DeTomaso and other guest instructors

Evolution  Sports  Group

The forum

5,000 Sq ft hockey skill development facility